The paper air waybill (AWB) is a critical air cargo document that constitutes the contract of carriage between the 'shipper' (direct shipper or freight forwarder acting on behalf of the shipper) and the 'carrier' (airline).

An e-AWB is the term IATA uses to describe the interchange of electronic data (EDI) messages, in lieu of a paper AWB, to conclude the contract of carriage. It is the electronic equivalent of a paper AWB.

Benefits of e-AWB

  • Reduction in processing costs due to the removal of paper AWB
  • Improvement in accuracy and visibility of AWB data
  • Reduction in shipment handling delays due to missing or illegible paper AWB
  • Elimination of the requirements to file a paper AWB
  • Management of trade barriers by facilitating advance electronic information requirements
  • Real-time access to AWB data for all personnel from all locations.

Making e-AWB a success

Qatar Airways Cargo is at the forefront of industry e-initiatives and we are committed to increasing our e-AWB use across the globe. We are among the top e-AWB producing carriers globally, used by both local and global customers.

Qatar Airways Cargo is a signatory to IATA's multilateral e-AWB agreement and has appointed Cargo Community Network (CCN) Singapore as its Cargo Community Systems partner network-wide.

The introduction of single process at our world-class hub at HIA allows customers to deliver cargo to any of our acceptance counters at Qatar Airways Cargo e-AWB activated stations without a paper AWB, provided the required electronic data has been transmitted to us in advance by the customer.

We encourage our customers to join this valuable initiative aimed at improving business efficiency and sustainability and reap the cost and time benefits of booking air freight without a paper AWB.

Single Process

Qatar Airways Cargo is pleased to offer Single Process to e-AWB customers in partnership with our ground handler, Qatar Aviation Services (QAS).

Due to regulatory or other operational reasons, there are some destinations where e-AWBs cannot be used and paper AWBs are still required. As a consequence, customers need to determine when a paper AWB has to be generated and have to maintain two parallel shipping processes for e-AWB and paper AWB, as appropriate.

Step by step e-AWB process with Qatar Airways Cargo

What is 'single process'?

To get started with e-AWB, email us at ecargo@qatarairways.com.qa

Single Process enables customers to send electronic data directly to the cargo airline, thereby removing the need to provide a paper AWB with the shipment. The cargo airline or its ground handler will determine if a paper AWB needs to be produced, based on airline instructions. If a paper AWB is required, the cargo airline or its ground handler will print it with the conditions of contract on the reverse, using the exchanged electronic data on behalf of the freight forwarder.

Qatar Airways Cargo has introduced Single Process at its hub at HIA and has created a special documentation unit within QAS. This unit takes care of paper AWB printing for those destinations that still require a paper AWB.

How does it work?

  • Customers using e-AWB with Qatar Airways Cargo at any origin can do so without referring to the cargo airline’s e-AWB compliant destination list or printing the AWB.
  • Customers need to send complete and accurate FWB messages to Qatar Airways Cargo system, which should also reflect all relevant shipment handling information.
  • Based on the FWB information sent by customers, Qatar Airways Cargo and/or Qatar Aviation Services (QAS) in Doha will print the AWB (complete neutral AWB set or its copy) for the destination clearance purpose, if required.
  • This facility is applicable to all types of cargo (i.e. exports, imports or transits).
  • Qatar Airways Cargo currently accepts XML messages and/or FWB/16 and FHL/4 versions of Cargo-IMP messages.

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