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Embargo on all shipments from India to Beijing
20 May, 2021
With emmediate effect, an embargo is imposed on the carriage of all shipments from India to Beijing (PEK), China, until further notice. 
Embargo on human remains transportation to India
11 May, 2021

All Human Remains into India requires prior approval from a number of authorities at the destination in India.

In order for us to transport human remains, we will require clear scanned copies of the following documents to be forwarded to the destination along with the "OK to forward" confirmation from the relevant Qatar Airways Cargo destination office.

  • Certificate from the Embassy of India at origin station/country, which must certify that the embassy has no objection in the transportation of the corpse, authorising the name and details of the person to receive the human remain.
  • Embalming and packing certificate from the hospital where the embalming of the human remain was performed.
  • Cancelled passport of the deceased.
  • Death certificate mentioning the cause of death as confirmed COVID-19/ suspected COVID-19  from medical authority of the originating country and Indian Embassy.
  • Certificate of packaging of human remain as per WHO guidlines. 
  • Air waybill copy.

To obtain "OK to forward” confirmation from destination and for any further clarification, please contact your local cargo office via

We are unable to accept or forward any human remains without the "OK to Forward" document.
All the original documents must be onboard along with the human remains.

Yangon International Airport - Update
04 Feb, 2021

Qatar Airways Cargo flights are now operating as normal to Yangon International Airport.

Embargo - cool chain cargo to Chengdu
06 Dec, 2020

As per notification received from GHA in Chengdu, with immediate effect an embargo has been placed on the import of all cool chain cargo (pharmaceuticals and perishables) into Chengdu (CTU), until further notice.

Embargo on certain import items to Beijing - UPDATE
09 Nov, 2020

Based on the notification received from Beijing Customs, an embargo has been placed on the transport of wild animals to Beijing. The full list of embargoed import items for Beijing is listed below:

  • Wild animals
  • Food that requires temperature control 
     -Fresh produce
     -Powdered milk
     -Dairy products 

*There are no restrictions for dairy products originating from New Zealand and flowers originating from Ecuador.
Carriage of pet birds - UPDATE
16 Sep, 2020

With immediate effect, Qatar Airways embargo on the carriage of pet birds has been lifted. We are accepting pets (cats, dogs and birds) on our network to or via Qatar, including birds transported for commercial purpose.

Embargo on live animal shipments to Iran revoked
29 Jul, 2020

With immediate effect, the embargo on live animal transportation to Iran has been revoked. Please note the following conditions:

  1. For pets transported for non-commercial purpose, the shipper and consignee must be the same and the consignee must be present for clearance. A valid corona test negative certificate must be provided in the absence of which the quarantine expenses and doctor’s fee will have to be borne by the customer.
  2. For all other animals, the origin station must obtain a prior approval to transport live animals before acceptance.  
Embargo revoked - Human Remains to Sri Lanka
19 Jul, 2020
The temporary embargo placed on the transport of human remains to Sri Lanka has been revoked.
Revocation of embargo on live animals
14 Jul, 2020

With immediate effect, the embargo on transport of live animals, animal feed and veterinary medicines from the below listed countries to and via the State of Qatar has been revoked.

  • People's Republic of China
  • Italy
  • Iran
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • South Korea
Embargo on certain import items to Chengdu
06 Jul, 2020

Based on the notification received from Customs in Chengdu, an embargo has been placed on the import of below listed items to Chengdu until further notice. 

  • Microorganisms, human tissues, biological products, blood products
  • Human remains
Resumption of belly-hold flights to Mainland China
30 Mar, 2020

We have resumed belly-hold cargo operations to and from Mainland China with the utilisation of wide-body and passenger-configurated aircraft. The decision to reinstate belly-hold cargo service to Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai is in line with Qatar Airways initiative to continue supporting worldwide connectivity, re-establishing the global supply chain and meeting the market's strong demand for freight exports and imports.


General Customer Advisory COVID-19
19 Mar, 2020

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on aviation has now reached unprecedented proportions, placing the entire sector into FORCE MAJEURE.  On the demand side of our industry, major markets have closed their borders and are ceasing air travel.  On the supply side, an increasing number of carriers around the world are grounding their fleets and furloughing staff for the foreseeable future.

Due to operational challenges and restrictions put into place by several countries to contain the spread of the virus, we have been forced to make major changes to our passenger flight schedule and this has affected our belly-hold or freight capacity on these passenger flights consequently. The situation is fluid and changes daily, hence further adjustments in flight operations may take place.

We would like to reassure you that all our freighters still continue to operate globally while our passenger flights fly to destinations where they can continue to operate.

The ground handing agent (GHA) restrictions in staff being unavailable may bring about challenges to seamless freighter operations as well as the issues that come with remote working, but our teams are doing their best to ensure that your cargo is transported safely from origin to final destination. We are working to rebook all cargo on the affected belly-hold flights on alternative flights in order to reduce any impact to your business.

We stand by the State of Qatar and the world during this global crisis, continuing to do all we can to also contribute to the critical demand for humanitarian relief and support those regions most badly hit by this crisis. 

We thank you for your understanding during these challenging times that we all are going through and appreciate your cooperation, trust and support. Customer-centricity continues to remain at the core of all our operations.

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