Online Services

Our online portal allows our customers to engage with us through a wide range of online solutions for all their shipment requirements. We offer a fast and reliable service enabling our customers to book their shipments immediately, anytime they want. The e-booking platform is powered by our in-house System which supports our end-to-end air cargo business needs. With online services you can:

  • Book shipments online
  • Track and trace shipments
  • Discover our latest products and promotions
  • Make an instant enquiry for stock inventory
  • Submit online claim requests and check claims status
  • Search for flight schedules, routing and itinerary  
  • Perform a full data capture for MAWB and HAWB 

Our online services provide you with a convenient, cost-effective and speedy way of managing your air cargo shipments from origin to destination. 

Explore the Online Services portal, and follow the instructions for account registration or login.

Download the QR Cargo app and access a host of features like shipment tracking, flight schedules, flight routing, charter service enquiries, customer feedback, search history, the latest updates on products and promotions and global contact information with local navigation.


For new users, register your details to create an account. Once registered, your profile will immediately allow you to log in and access online services. For registered members, you may proceed to log in with your account user name and password. A one-time-password (OTP) will be sent to you via email and/or Short Message Service (SMS) once you have logged in successfully. Enter the OTP and you are ready to access to the wide range of online functions.

Go to ‘Profile Setting’ if you wish to change your account or personal details; and ‘Change Password’ if you would like to register a new password to your account.

Yes, you can save your business contacts in ‘My Address Book’. This feature eases your recurring bookings as your business contacts will be retrieved from the stored database when you make bookings. Your business contact is secured and will not be visible nor available to other account members.

QR Cargo Online Services is a completely secure online portal and all your personal and business information is protected.

Flight Information

The complete freighter and passenger flight Schedules are updated frequently on the QR Cargo website and it is available 24/7. Alternatively, Check Routing function on the homepage helps narrow down your search on specific routes based on origin and destination airports, cities or countries. The search result will show the best possible routes available and flight schedules.


QR Cargo Online Services provides 24/7 online booking service, allowing you to create, amend and/or cancel shipment bookings at your convenience. Shipments must be booked using air waybills (AWB) issued by Qatar Airways Cargo.

Yes, you can book repetitive and/or permanent shipments utilising the allotment code assigned by Qatar Airways. Information of your allotments and permanent bookings will be stored and reflected in your account. It provides you quick and easy access to your desired allotment when making a booking or using a permanent booking template.

You will receive an instant confirmation if your booking is confirmed. If your booking shows an unconfirmed status, this means your booking is being checked and your local reservation team will be in touch.

Yes, you are able to make changes to your online bookings. However, it may take up to 24 hours for changes to be confirmed.

Shipment reservation on partner airlines is not available on e-booking. However, the booking request can be made via your local QR Cargo sales office.

Yes, you are able to view trucking schedules and make booking online.

There may be weight restriction based on aircraft type, load-ability, origin and destination cargo operation, local regulations, etc., in which case your bookings will be forwarded to the local office for evaluation and confirmation.

We accept bookings for general, perishable, dangerous goods*, valuable and vulnerable cargo, as well as express shipments. Dangerous goods booking will not be confirmed until checks is done at local reservation office.

You may contact our local reservation office during office hours or write to for general enquiries.


Yes, 'Rate Quote' helps you to find out rates and other charges applied in the system. You are able to view street rates, tact rates, special and/or contracted rates for different shipment routes, products, commodities, ULD types and weight, etc. Full support is available online as well as in person, via our local office.


You are able to activate the option to receive shipment movement notification when making booking.

You can track your shipment via homepage and/or mobile app. 'Track Shipment' and enter your single air waybill (AWB) number.

Once you are logged in, the tracking results will display information of your shipment movement history and status. Each of the shipment milestones can be forwarded to any recipient via email.


Yes, you can now update all Master Air Waybill (MAWB) and House Air Waybill (HAWB) along with courier data in the system directly. Electronic air waybills (FWB) can be generated from QR Cargo website and forwarded to our global operating system for shipments departing from any station.
Enter the address of the shipper or consignee in your customer file, which will enable you to easily issue AWB or HAWB on subsequent occasions. Our secure system tracks all your correspondences and account activities, therefore the information is available in real time, keeping paperwork and administration routines to a minimum.

Electronic data capture function enables you to submit HAWB data for consolidated shipments directly to our global operating system. This FHL transmission ensures faster processing of your export freight. The new data capture application is able to create templates for AWBs and HAWBs that can be used again.

You have the option to scan and save electronic documents such as security declarations, packing list, etc. into your account. This will help ensure speedy recovery in case of document loss or damage during shipment. You are in control of the documentation as soon as you accept a quotation for your shipment. Alternatively, you can go to 'Print Barcode' to obtain shipment labels via


Log in your account to submit all required information and supporting documents in the event of transport irregularities, lost and/or damaged freight. Complete and submit a brief online form and an e-mail confirmation will be sent to you to acknowledge the receipt of your Intent to Claim.

Mobile App

You can download the QR Cargo mobile app by going to the App Store (for iOS) or Play Store (for Android).

QR Cargo mobile app has a range of features including shipment tracking, flight schedules, flight routing, searching for history, the latest updates on products and promotions, charter service enquiries, customer feedback and global contact information with location navigation.

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